CAMsoft is an affordable CAM system with CAD functions for milling, turning, drilling, cutting and engraving. It boasts a tidy, logical user interface and includes functions with C axis. Stability and a number of useful CAM & CAD functions for a fair price! CAMsoft is a programming system for CNC milling and turning machines and machining centers. It combines the functions of CAD / CAM with typical functions of the plaintext programming.

For the use of this software is no experience with CAD systems are required. It is specifically designed to generate G code to speed for simple parts components, and it speeds up the generation of G-code for your CNC machine. CAM solution for many controllers and more to come. Important: CAMsoft is no rental software. You buy a perpetual license.


The milling module, where are most important milling functions available. Workpiece geometries with the integrated CAD functions, can be drawn or import DWG files or via DXF.

CAM Manager

CNC tool paths are stored in the CAM Manager as operations that are similar to the appearance of the functioning CAD feature tree. Suppressing cut, copy, paste, simulate, create G-code and re-order any time directly from the CAM Manager.

Face Milling

Face milling is the most common milling and may be carried out with a variety of different tools. Most frequently mills are used with a pitch angle of 45 degrees. But cutter with round inserts, shoulder milling cutters and side milling cutters are possibly used.


With CAMsoft you can edit an unlimited number of closed and open pockets with islands. For Pocketing include insertion points, trim toolpath to blank. Immersion areas such as ramp, spiral, etc. provide a safe immersion in the material.


The milling or cutting profiles could not be faster or easier because CAMsoft contains several roughing and finishing strategies that simplify the programming process. Save time with new features, to change geometries without having to edit the CAD model.


CAMsoft offers the complete solution hole with centering, reaming, drilling and tapping as standard cycles, while also user-cycles are available. With the hole recognition your process can be automated to hole groups to identify and reduce the number of clicks.


Breaking edges in bags and profile operations with CAMsoft much faster and easier. Save time by using the same selected geometry as profiles and bags, chamfering the model edge without making any actual changes to the model.

Open Pockets

Open pockets are automatically recognized by the system. There are selected automatically retract strategies which are outside of the workpiece or pocket.


Creating with CAMsoft easy and simple standard internal and external threads with different depths of cut, on / off strategies and an adjustable start angle.


This operation simplifies the programming of T-slots by selecting the appropriate geometry of the part and a user-defined T-slot milling cutter.

Profile Cutting

With profile cutting, you can edit profiles. The processing area can be determined by the selection of sketches. Furthermore, automatic or manual holding webs can be added.


Program your CNC lathes for fast and efficient turn. CAMsoft provides a rotary package with visual toolpaths and techniques for rapid and economic turning.


Here, the thread is produced in several steps. The tool is moved during the scanning movement in the longitudinal direction of the workpiece with simultaneous engagement of the cutting edge in the workpiece.


Allows you to drill along a rotational axis to define, for example, to set the tailstock without geometries.


Perfect creating longitudinal (inside / outside) or plan recesses, resulting in a tool path, the machine cycles used or tool movements (G0, G1) can produce.

End Face

When longitudinal groove turning the direction of advance is puncturing the bit perpendicular to the workpiece axis. The nose cutting tool is three-edged, thus enabling uninterrupted chip removal as possible in the radial and the axial direction (rapid traverse less).

C-axis Machining

Basic programming of the C-axis is in CAMsoft turning included. Combined with CAMsoft milling with advanced operations such as front and side contour milling and frontal and lateral drilling with the possibility of sorting the scope and arc.

C-axis Peripheral Bore

Basic programming of the C-axis is in CAMsoft turning included. Combined with CAMsoft milling with advanced operations such as front and side contour milling and frontal and lateral drilling with the possibility of sorting the scope and arc.


The post-processor generator is open and freely available in each module. Finished post-processors for standard controls are included. The postprocessors can itself be adjusted and new customized postprocessors are created yourself.