APM WinMachine is the High-End software system, which is the payoff of 20 years of continuous improvement from the Research and Software Development Centre APM Ltd. APM WinMachine is intended to perform design, optimization and documentation of variety of machines calculations, mechanisms, structures and full reverse engineering of equipment under development. APM WinMachine is extensively used by large number of enterprises, design and research companies as well as Technical Universities.

The equipment created by means of our software will conform to the best world analogues, optimal in price, weight, power comsuption, etc., and as a result will become competitive in the world market. APM WinMachine is a high-end tool created on the basis of modern engineering design approaches, advanced numerical methods of mechanics, mathematics and modeling, combining in harmony with the experience of designers, mechanical engineers and other software specialists.

Possibilities of the software tool provided by APM WinMachine let solve wide range of engineering problems:

– Mechanical equipment and machine elements design using engineering approach;

– Perform strength analysis of machine elements and structures by finite element method;

– Perform kinematic and dynamic analysis of mechanical systems;

– Create technical documentation;

– Use built-in databases of standard machine elements and materials as well as creation of customized databases;

– Use the possibility of integration with third-pary graphic software for work with having made before drawing and three-dimensional model.

Mechanisms and machine elements design:

– Design and checking calculations of gears to get all geometry parameters, tolerances and control parameters with automatic generation of detail drawing;

– Checking calculation of shafts and axes ( static and fatigue calculations, as well as calculations of shaft dynamic behavior) with automatic drawing generation;

– Rolling contact bearing calculation and design with manufacturing accuracy class consideration, as well as animation of bearing work and calculation of longevity, beatings, contact stress, loss of power, heat release;

– Design and checking calculations of springs and torsion bars and standard springs selection, as well as automatic generation of spring drawing;

– Design of cam mechanisms with translational and rocking arm by arbitrary motion law with cam working animation and automatic drawing generation;

– Perform kinematic and dynamic analysis of lever mechanisms, to get trajectory, displacements, velocities, accelerations and link forces;

Strength analysis of machine elements and structures

– Enter construction geometry using bar (beam, truss, rope), shell, solid elements;

– Apply supports and hinges, as well as loads;

– Solve wide range of task types to calculate stress distribution and itís components, linear and angular node displacements, deformations, internal forces, natural frequency and shapes, safety factors of material;

– Calculate buckling safety factors and shape; – Calculate forced oscillation with animation of oscillating process;

– Calculate fatigue safety factors and the number of cycles;

– Consider steady-state thermal analysis and temperature stresses;

– Etc…

Joints design

– Design and calculation of different joint types: group threaded, welded, riveted, joints of rotating elements;

– Design and checking calculations by constant or variable load condition;

– Calculate the optimum geometric parameters of joints;

– Generate the result document with color map in a friendly view.